Poultry and Rabbit


Who To Contact:
Fischer Family (Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops, Rex)
715-654-5223 / purplebirdy@live.com

Jorgensen Family (New Zealand, Polish)
715-743-6965 / mkjorgensen96@gmail.com

Stuttgen Family (Rex, Californians, Polish)
715-223-3926 / stuttgen.pam@gmail.com

Clark County UW-Extension (project information only)

03-06-17 minutes
03-17-16 minutes
05-17-15 minutes
Rabbit Minutes and FB Changes

Miscellaneous Items

Rabbit Project Handbook – 2018
Rabbit Glossary (a guide to understanding your rabbit) – updated 8-8-16
Rabbit Hopping Agility