Little Britches Dairy Show

Sponsored by Clark County Dairy Promotion

  1. Open to youth 4 years old up through 2nd grade.
  2. Show will be held at noon on Saturday during the fair.
  3. All calves must be dairy breed calves age 1 – 3 months (born after May 10th of current year).
  4. Youth can show a calf that is being shown in the Junior and/or Open Class (animal must be a heifer calf – spring, May calf only) or bring a calf from home.
  5. Calves from home will be brought in that morning and taken home that afternoon.
  6. Calf must be led with a properly fitted halter.
  7. Calf and child must be residents of Clark County
  8. Must complete and include Dairy ID form with registration form.

For more information please contact Maryanne Olson at 715-743-3569.

Entry Form (PDF / due two weeks prior to fair)

Dairy ID Form (PFD)