Pesticide Applicator Training

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Event Information


March 3rd, 2023


9:00am - 3:00pm




Richard Halopka



To get certified or recertified in Wisconsin:

  1. Required: You must purchase the PAT manual (book). This is $40 and must be purchased using the order form available at our office or online at We are no longer able to mail PAT manuals for 2023 trainings to participants as in the past.
  2. Required: You must take and pass the certification test (General Farming, Fruit Crops or Greenhouse & Nursery).
  3. Training (optional): You can do 1 and 2 above (self-study) and pass the test getting at least 70% or you can take one of the additional training options; online computer based training or attend an in-person training and then pass the test getting at least 50%.

Event Location

Clark County Courthouse