Home and Community Education (HCE)

Who Are Clark County HCE Members?
The Clark County Association for Home & Community Education (HCE) are individuals interested in education and community service.  Currently we have approximately 70 people as club members and individual members (members at large).

What Are HCE Clubs?
Groups of friends and neighbors who gather on a regular basis to:

  • get the latest information on what’s new for their home and family
  • learn how to do things they want or need to know
  • meet with other members for facts, fellowship, and fun
  • belong to a group which can voice an opinion when needed
  • have an opportunity to go places and do things – tours, conferences, conventions, etc

What Kind of Programs Are Featured in the Clark County HCE Organization?
The membership studies and learns about topics in:

  • Safety
  • Family, Health & Nutrition
  • Housing, Energy & Environment
  • International / Citizenship

They also conduct community projects and provide educational scholarships.

What Are Individual Members or Members-at-Large?
Members-at-Large want the benefits of the organization but cannot attend regular club meetings due to other commitments (i.e. their work schedules may not coincide with local meeting times or there may not be a club in their area.)

Member at Large application 2023 (PDF)

Where and When do Clubs Meet?
Some clubs meet in members’ homes while others meet in a public meeting place. Clubs usually meet once a month (8-12 times a year) at a time of day or evening most convenient for club members.

How Can You Join?
You may join an existing club or organize a new club in your own neighborhood.  New clubs can be organized with any number of interested people.

For information on joining or forming a new club please contact Lois Becker (715-255-8307).

Individual membership can also be arranged by sending payment of $13.00 (checks should be made payable to Clark County HCE) to Deb Gries, 9381 County Road 11,  Delano, MN 55328

Mission Statement for Wisconsin Association for Home and Community Education (HCE):
HCE offers opportunities for:

  • Learning in a social setting
  • Sharing what we learn
  • Caring to make a difference in our homes, communities, and the world

Clark County HCE Officers:
President – Lois Becker (715-255-8307)
Secretary – Roberta Hansen (715-267-6536)
Treasurer – Deb Gries (715-255-9935)

HCE Newsletters
These are printed once a month and are mailed to HCE club members and members at large.
They can also be viewed online at:  https://clark.extension.wisc.edu/hce-newsletters

HCE Clubs and Presidents

  • Greenwood Area
    • Countree Gals / Donna Knudsen
    • Country Lane Homemakers / Joanne Trunkel
  • Neillsville Area
    • Candlelight / Sharon Wetzel
    • Hilltop / Deb Brey
  • Loyal Area
    • Live & Learn / Shelby Niskanen
    • Town & Country / Velora Roehl

For more information please contact Clark County Extension Office at 715-743-5121