4-H Leaders Federation

Members and Officers
President: Teri Raatz
Vice President: Nikki Rueth
Secretary: Dani Kopp
Treasurer: Lori Hendrickson
Representatives: Liz Rueth, John Brost, Joan Buchholz
Youth Representatives: Nicolas S., Marie J., Ella R., Jacob K., Isabella F., Jarrett R.

*For contact information please contact the Extension Office.

Leader Federation Bylaws  (updated 10-20-21)

4-H Leaders Federation Standing Rules updated 8-22-18)

Awards Review Policy updated 12/2015

Leaders Federation Financial Request

State Fair Reimbursement Form – 2021



4-H Leaders Federation College Scholarship

Trip / Excursion Scholarship

Space Camp Scholarship

National Congress Scholarship

Perkinstown Snowtubing Rescheduled

Saturday, March 5th, 2022 6-9 pm
Free for Clark County 4-H members and Parents
Non-members guests are welcome @ $5/per person

Sign up for snowtubing.