Questions submitted by audience members of Judicial Candidates Forum on March 22

Questions to both candidates:

  • What is your general judicial philosophy?
  • What are your ties to Clark County?
  • To what extent have you practiced criminal law? Family Law? Civil?
  • What problems, if any, do you believe you may encounter moving into the role as judge?
  • Do you plan to maintain permanent residency in Clark County if not elected Judge?

Questions addressed to Candidate Boon Brunette:

  • What is your familiarity with the Post-Incarceration Support Program? Do you believe it is a cost effective program and should a Judge be involved with this program?
  • What is your experience with defending/prosecuting drug related offenses? How do you think drug court will help?
  • It appears there is a conflict between your position on the bench and your husband’s position as County Attorney. How do you propose to reconcile that conflict?

Questions addressed to Candidate Roberta Heckes:

  • What is the Post-Incarceration Support Program? How many individuals have gone through the program? Who is the co-director? What impact has this program had to deter repeat offenders.
  • On your Facebook site you state that Clark County needs someone with experience, determination, and strength to bring change to Clark County in an effort to combat drugs/substance abuse. What is your experience with prosecuting/defending drug related crimes? How do you feel a drug court will help?
  • You recently changed your address on the State Bar website to Clark County. If you do not win election do you plan on remaining in Clark County? This question is asked because no street address for a practice has been set in Clark County and I am wanting to see commitment to ideas and assisting if election lost.
  • Insomuch as you had the address of Adell in October 2017, were you intending to return there when you entered into your lease in Clark County?
  • Ms Heckes if you don’t own a home and live in Clark County permanently, what is your incentive to stay?
  • You propose a drug court. How will you fund and what does this provide the defendant? You state on your website you would approach county leaders, such as who?
  • How many cases have you handled in Clark County?

Questions that were submitted by the audience by rejected by the panel and not posed to candidates:

Do you consider yourself a:

  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Liberal

What is your position on:

  • 2nd Amendment
  • Abortion