Clark County Fair Outdoor Sign Contest

The Clark County Fair Board is sponsoring an outdoor sign contest to promote the Clark County Fair
(click here to view complete list of all rules and guidelines)


  1. Signs must be at least 4’x 6’ and no larger than 4’x 8’
  2. Signs must be on private land (not the road right of way)
  3. Signs should be up by July 1, 2020
  4. Recommended that signs can be seen coming from both directions have the fair dates listed on the non-dominate side also
  5. Signs must include by SIZE of font (biggest to smallest):
  • August 5 – 9 (biggest lettering)
  • Clark County Fair
  • Neillsville
  • Club / Group name (smallest lettering)


  • Following font size request
  • Ease in reading information from the roadside
  • Creativity
  • Advertising location (high traffic area)
  • Youth involvement in creation of the sign

Contact the UW-Extension Office (715-743-5121) by JULY 1 to register your sign.